Who We Are

Combocal is a Footwear Components company, which started its activity in 1985 and is dedicated to the manufacture of single and double soles in SBR Rubber, by compression and injection for the manufacture of Footwear, with a daily output between 4000/5000 pairs.

Combocal bets on the quality of its products in order to fully meet the needs of their customers.
To this end, it has 33 employees distributed throughout the various areas of the company with a high level of experience and ability to work, to resolve the challenges that we face every days.

Policies and values we Believe

Customer Satisfaction - Ensure and identify customer needs by adapting our products and services to their needs;
Quality and innovation - Continuous search for product and process innovation;
Coherence - We act in accordance with our principles and words. We honor our commitments and we keep what we promise;
Trust - We establish relationships of trust and credibility. We make only the promises we feel we are able to keep. We value security and respect for each other;
Sustainable Innovation - We are alert to the changing world. We are receptive to ideas from different industries and activities. We value internal creativity. We undertake new processes, business models and new products and solutions.

Differentiating factors the company presents

Quality, which is a necessary condition for the survival of companies, responding to the increasing demand ;
Response time, being a factor of growing importance, materializing in quick and effective responses to progressively more complex requests from customers from different parts of the world;
Flexibility and Personalization, being a factor associated with the capacity of the offer to adapt to each moment and for each specific case, to the demand dynamics.


Get in Touch

  • geral@combocal.pt
  • +351 255 310 630
  • Rua António José Fonseca Moreira
    N.º 538
    4610-761 Felgueiras